Sustainable Choice

At By Indeko, our goal is to serve our e-commerce customers with beautiful custom packages that feature sustainable fashion accessories each week. This would historically come at a cost to the environment. However, as sustainability is one of our organisation's key focus areas, we endeavour to spread the word of love, fun and happiness without impacting Mother Nature. 


We use 100% recyclable materials

Our mailer is 100% recyclable so that you can enjoy our beautiful packaging and its contents – guilt-free. Our mailer boxes are sourced locally, with both the materials and production efforts based out of Melbourne from a trusted supplier. Doing this enables us to minimise emissions and control the environmental and ethical impacts of our packaging. 

We use sustainable printing

Forgoing traditional printing methods, our supplier uses UV ink – an eco-friendly alternative that doesn’t contain the carbon-based chemicals found in other inks. Our whole mailer box can be recycled!


We use soy-based ink

Beyond packaging, we strive to ensure that our branded tissue paper is also sustainable. Our supplier uses soy-based ink, and the paper is completely acid-free and FSC Certified. Each purchase not only helps to create a more inclusive world but a sustainably packaged one as well. Feel proud! Every time you shop from us is a vote for change.

Eco Alliance

By Indeko is part of the Noissue Eco Alliance. For every tissue paper order we make, they plant trees in areas of need—another way that we support our environment through sustainable initiatives!

100% Carbon Neutral Delivery

As an e-commerce business, we are focused on reducing our impact on the environment.🌱 All of our domestic orders are shipped via Sendle to ensure a 100% carbon neutral delivery!


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