About Us

"We encourage our customers to make a positive change in the commuinity by putting their purchasing power behind a brand that supports open employment opportunities"
Chloe, Founder of By Indeko
By Indeko is a Brisbane based social enterprise that is focused on providing an avenue for employment, training and career progression to people living with a disability through product design and development. We have proven that a sustainable career path for our staff is the foundation for true social change and often leads to increased self-confidence, independence, and greater social and economic participation.
As an organisation that offers pathways to open employment - we want to produce and sell quality products that help empower our people, and provide our customers with unique pieces that reflect community diversity. 

More about our Model:

Research conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW, 2019) indicates that there continues to be a critical need to provide alternative employment and training pathways for people living with a disability. Currently, people with a disability experience lower rates of labour force participation and employment, and higher rates of unemployment, compared to those without a disability.

People from our community face complex barriers to social inclusion and skill development. Through the By Indeko model we aim to effectively deal with these issues by:

  • Providing meaningful employment opportunities
  • Growing new skill sets, tailored to alternative learning styles
  • Proudly showcasing the work of people within our community

We focus on supporting assisted employees to succeed in the workforce by creating employment opportunities that offer tasks with more complexity, variety and industry experience.