Be the change, wear the change

At By Indeko, our approach to creating a positive social impact extends beyond mobilising positive conversations around disability and celebrating diversity on our platform.

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About us

Hello! We’re By Indeko, an Australian-based social impact business harnessing the power of fashion to create sustainable employment opportunities for people with a Disability. In collaboration with emerging Artisans we create bespoke pieces that actively encourage a social movement.

Like you, our founders Chloe and Joelle are driven by the desire to create a more inclusive future and remove labour force participation barriers that are currently faced by people with a Disability.

48% of working age people with a Disability are employed, compared to 80% of people without a Disability

Since 2019, we have been committed to supporting our employees to succeed in the workforce by creating employment opportunities that offer task with more complexity, variety and industry experience.

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By choosing By Indeko, you help create sustainable employment opportunities for people with a Disability in the Arts and Warehousing and Logistics. Here's a snapshot of what we've achieved together so far

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Beyond By Indeko

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Our meaningful partnerships

Currently, people with a disability experience lower rates of labour force participation and employment compared to those without a disability. These lower rates of employment are often the result of complex barriers to social inclusion.

We are proud to say that we have partnered with Social Enterprises throughout our supply chain to support employment opportunities that empower people with a Disability every step of the way. From Product Design and Production with emerging Artisans at Monte Lupo Art Studio to Warehousing and Logistics with SendAble, we are committed to enacting social action against labour force participation barriers experienced by people with a disability.

SendAble is a third-party logistics company that is focused on increasing long-term employment opportunities and skills in warehousing and logistics for people with a disability. Through our partnership with Sendable we ensure that each order placed with By Indeko is #packedwithpurpose by one of the SendAble team members. When opening your By Indeko order, take a moment to consider the positive impact and employment opportunities that your order has provided for the team at SendAble.

Monte Lupo provides meaningful employment opportunities to people living with a disability who are interested in a career in the arts. We are proud to say that our handmade collections are made by the artists at Monte Lupo Art Studio. Your support allows us to grow our commitment to supporting additional employment and training opportunities for Monte Lupo's artists.

Our charitable donations

At By Indeko we believe in giving back, which is why we donate a portion of all online sales to fund high needs disability support services. These services include community hubs and independent living and in-home support which allow people living with a disability to enjoy increased independence while accessing any required support.

Our environmental practices

Not only are By Indeko orders packed with purpose, they are also consciously filled and shipped with the environment in mind. We have ensured that our custom mailer box and tissue paper is 100% recyclable, with our suppliers using UV and soy-based ink as any eco-alternative to carbon based chemicals.