By Indeko Collective

By Indeko is a global marketplace, full of like-minded organisations determined to be the VOICE OF CHANGE for inclusion and sustainability. 

How the collective works?

All items sold through the By Indeko platform will be picked, packed and despatched by the team at Multicap utilising our inventory and freight management systems.

Beyond creating jobs that offer more complexity and variety of tasks, the By Indeko collective provide the team at multicap with industry experience. Which coupled with the education, support and training platforms provided by Multicap can translate to industry employment opportunities for their members. 

Who can be a part of the collective?

Any business which is looking to take the step to being a part of the By Indeko collective, can.

However your business values, supply chain and processes will be assessed against By Indekos Collective partner criteria.

What's the benefits of joining?

At By Indeko, we brings like-minded sellers to like minded buyers. Providing them with access to our network of suppliers, manufacturers and supply chain that make it easy to run a sustainable and socially conscious business



Be part of our community of sellers

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